Our Philosophy

We’d love to share a bit about our philosophy.

So, philosophy behind a flower shop? Yep, we want to be different.

Being a floral designer, I find myself fortunate to have a career working with the most beautiful product on the face of the earth.  Flowers, themselves, have such character and personality. Each bloom speaks to us with a distinctive color or form.

My passion for floral design not only lies in the intrinsic beauty of the product I work with, but also in the challenge to use my skills to develop my designs into aesthetically pleasing compositions. Understanding line, form and space have become so important in my work. Balancing colors, patterns and textures are challenges I relish. Making sure the design is appropriate to the environment and never underestimating the power of fragrance when enjoying flowers have become part of my daily routine.

I find it is best not to be too predictable or static when planning a good flower arrangement. Let the mood of the occasion influence the materials you choose as well as the design style of the composition. Also, really look at the chosen flowers and foliages. Find inspiration from the line of the stems of the materials. Use advancing and receding colors appropriately to pull your eye through the design. Most importantly, select a container that has some compatibility to the flowers you will be using.

One of the greatest attributes and added bonuses that come with a career in floral design is the opportunity to help others express emotions through flowers. I consider it an honor to help a client send sentiments of sympathy for a loved one who is experiencing a loss.  I am continually a part of some of the most memorable moments in life by creating floral compositions for all phases of life’s celebrations. In all of this…I find great reward.